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We meet on the fourth Tuesday of most months at the Bend Environmental Center. 

Upcoming events

28 Jan 2020 6:00 PM • Bend Environmental Center
11 Feb 2020 6:00 PM • Redmond
25 Feb 2020 6:00 PM • Bend Environmental Center
10 Mar 2020 6:00 PM • Redmond
24 Mar 2020 6:00 PM • Bend Environmental Center

2019 Photo Contest 1st Place Winning photo "Ladies Night"

by Jolene & Harley

January 2020

The first days of 2020 are upon us!

This year, we decided to hold our beginner Bee school in the Autumn instead of the Spring.  We did this both to give our usual instructors a break from preparing and teaching, but also, both to give students more time to prepare for their beekeeping adventures next spring and to hear a lecture from a different point of view and teaching style (Dr. Dewey Caron and Heike Williams from OSU COAREC).

Last year, once again there were heavy losses during the winter.  Thoughts generally are primarily heavy mite loads, with a couple of heavy snow storms thrown in just to make it worse.

COBKA has 3 new motorized extractors available that Bob Rheinhart and Dennis Gallagher have been preparing, labeling and maintaining for use by COBKA members.  Cappings bins and hot knives are available as well.  Kerri Shandro has continued to provide storage and maintain the status.

In 2019, we had some great speakers and programs, Naomi Price and Vivienne Hight talked about Socker mats and emergency feeding, Naomi Price and Terry Rich lead a practical discussion on deadout postmortems, Clyde Dildine taught us all about best practices for beekeeping: especially in urban areas, Jimmie Wilkie and Adrienne Smith discussed swarm control and splits, Allen Engle talked about queen health and diagnostics, Heike Williams talked about pollen harvesting and Kate Riding presented research on AFB control using phages, Sara Miller described techniques for overwintering, Matt Allen discussed efficient beekeeping, Susan Arnold organized a honey tasting of members’ honey with Naomi Price describing the various qualities which we can examine and enjoy.

COBKA conducted our second annual Honey Bee photography contest with a record number of entries.  The top 10, chosen by club membership are displayed here.

Upcoming scheduled and possible talks and presentations will include native plants for pollinators in Central Oregon, products of the hive, genetics and swarming, requeening with laying workers, moisture in the hive, pheromones, honey labeling, IPM, beekeeping expectations vs realities, nutrition, using mushrooms for mite control and nonintereference between honey bees and native bees.  If you have ideas for other subjects, or would like to present a talk, please contact me or another steering committee member (or come to a steering committee meeting (see below)).

COBKA had members who attended both the Western Apiculture Society conference in Ashland and the Oregon State Beekeepers Association conference in Florence and brought back ideas and new concepts.  Hopefully we continue to get new information from these and other conferences in the future.

Activities and talks for COBKA are organized by the Steering Committee.  Other than the four elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and secretary) this is a self selected group of COBKA members (ANYONE IS WELCOME) who meet about 4 times per year to decide on upcoming topics, outside events and COBKA policies.  Our steering committee welcomes and is always looking for new members, especially if you are willing and wanting to be a member and willing/wanting to listen to, evaluate and share ideas.  If interested, please contact Allen Engle (541)420-0423 for more information, and/or sign up for the steering committee email list on our web site's Member's Area", and/or watch the club email list and web site for announcements of future meetings and show up.  Also, for all club members, the notes from previous steering committee meetings are on the COBKA web site under members area, COBKA steering committee information.

Wishing you a happy and successful New Year (and successful overwintering)

Allen Engle

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We are a diverse bunch of individuals who share a fascination for the honey bee and its workings. Our members range from full-time beekeepers and pollinators with hundreds of hives to hobbyists involved in backyard beekeeping. 

Some members do not even keep bees, but are fascinated by the six legs and four wings of Apis mellifera.


The Mission of the Central Oregon Beekeeping Association (COBKA) is to promote effective, economic and successful regional beekeeping through education, collaboration, communication and research in the spirit of friendship.

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