Veteran's Ranch Bee Hive Donations Requested

  • 03 Mar 2020 2:07 PM
    Message # 8792479

    Central Oregon Veterans Ranch (COVR) located between Bend and Redmond has an active hive that survived the winter of 2019-2020. A COVR veteran volunteer, David Halsey, and I are currently maintaining the hive. Dave and I are seeking donations of protective equipment and hive equipment in order to continue providing demonstrations of hive manipulation and maintenance to an audience of interested veterans and veteran families. We are specifically seeking gauntlet gloves, hats and veil, and/or suits. We would accept some smaller sizes so children could be participants.

    The equipment donations are to help the Ranch to increase its hive count. Right now COVR has a ten frame, two deep hive body hive. The hive parts are old and could be upgraded. In addition, I would like the Ranch to have an 8 frame hive if possible (10 frame equipment welcomed), and possibly a top bar hive if we can get one. We will be working with veterans and trying to increase the hive count to 2 or 3 hives this summer. We would also like to have some medium deep honey supers (6-1/4” or less) to enable a honey harvest in the event of a successful 2020 summer season.

    We would also welcome cash donations which would be used to buy hive supplies as needed. Make any cash or check donations to the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch and note that the donation is designated for the bee hives. ( If more money is donated than is realistically needed, excess funds might be used for other projects such as the greenhouses or chicken coop, or other Veterans Ranch related projects.)

    To donate bee hive related items or money for the hives, please contact the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch at 541-706-9062. You can also donate online through PayPal (please call or email COVR at to designate funds to bee hive project.)

    If you are interested in participating with maintenance of the hive(s) or mentoring, contact me, Dennis Gallagher, at 541-280-7131. Or reply on the forum.


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