Honey capped too soon

  • 01 Jun 2018 9:04 PM
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    In general, when beees draw new comb, it mirrors the comb on the adjacent frame.  Is the neighboring comb extra thick?  That will make the new comb a little thin.  Try to set up your comb in a way that puts new foundation next to nice straight flat comb.  

    As for supercedure, empty cups are pretty meaningless.  Bees will have empty cups scattered throughout the hive pretty much all year.   Torn down cells are sometimes harder to spot but would be a much better indicator that a "queen event" has occured.  Supercedure or not, I don't that has much to do with the skinny comb issue. 

    Hope that makes a little sense

  • 28 May 2018 8:21 AM
    Message # 6268651

    I have a frame they built up a oval in the center of the frame about 2/3rds covered with comb about 1/3 as deep as it should be and filled with honey and sealed. Not sure whether to leave it, uncap it to encourage further building of cell walls or remove it for myself. Is this practice of young bees? I found the queen and she seems to be ok but maybe the sealed this be for she mb acted. She is a supersede queen I think. This hive also has a frame with lots of empty supercedure cups on one side of a different frame that has side ways comb built out on it. I opened up the cups and scraped off the sideways comb. I had heard that spraying new plastic foundation with 1:1 syrup with honey B Healthy would encourage comb building but it seems to have screwed up their direction for building it.

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