Hive loss

  • 19 Apr 2019 12:10 PM
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    Because you said strong vapors I am assuming you used more away or Formica pro?  What was your fall mite treatment?  And when was it?  And did you do a mite count afterwards to know it was effective.

    fall is a big window.   You really need to start mite treatments in mid August, and then the bigger challenge is to keep more levels low until October.  

    My experience is that a really strong hive in the fall can often crash overwinter.  Often the best looking bees in the spring looked somewhat mediocre in the fall.  

  • 06 Apr 2019 1:14 PM
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    How were the local hive losses this year?  I filled out the PNW Survey.  I treated for mites in the fall, took perhaps 10% loss at the time from the strips and the strong vapor, but the hive seemed strong afterward.  I wrapped the hive well and left them all the honey (70 pounds at least).  In Jan it was warm and bees were active so I did an inspection and had a solid layer of dead bees on the bottom board, which was still a screened board but I had a cover beneath it.  I cleaned out the dead bees and switched to a solid board and rewrapped the hive (the top small entrance and the bottom reduced entrance were both freely accessible).  The hive was probably 20%? total of what it was in the fall. After the big snows and colder temps it wasn't until April that I opened the hive on a warmer day and being concerned there was no activity from the hive.  I did a quick inspection only to find no life and still very much honey. The top was full and completely untouched.  I still have the hive intact and will do a more thorough inspection when I can.  Sad to lose this one as the queen was doing such a good job last year with a very tight brood pattern and I thought the hive had a good chance of making it.

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