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We are a diverse bunch of individuals who share a fascination for the honey bee and its workings. Our members range from full-time beekeepers and pollinators with hundreds of hives to hobbyists involved in backyard beekeeping. 

Some members do not even keep bees, but are fascinated by the six legs and four wings of Apis mellifera.


The Mission of the Central Oregon Beekeeping Association (COBKA) is to promote effective, economic and successful regional beekeeping through education, collaboration, communication and research in the spirit of friendship.

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March in your Central Oregon Apiary

It’s not getting as cold at night.  We’re actually seeing some sunlight before and after work.  We’re starting to see some of the very early bulbs blooming……Spring must almost (or later in the month now) be here.

This is a fun and forward looking month for we beekeepers.  Our colonies, from the outside, still seem pretty inert, except for those ever increasing number of warm days where we’re seeing cleansing flights and water collection and occasional pollen baskets.  We need to keep in mind that on the inside, the activity level might be picking up even before we notice it.  As the days warm up later in the month, and especially when some natural (or beekeeper provided) forage is available, our colonies can start raising brood.  This early brood activity can be both positive and negative.  Positive in that your colony will get a head start on the summer, maybe 2 weeks or more of seasonal growth.  Negative in that if there is no natural forage, you can get a brood die off, or worse, starvation.   As the month goes on, continue checking the food levels of your colonies.  If it’s too cold, by hefting one side of the colony, if there’s a particularly long warm stretch, I’ll sneak a quick look inside to verify there’s food in the close vicinity of the cluster.  If you’re not seeing enough food, do an emergency feeding of solid sugar of one sort or another if it’s still consistently cold, and start feeding syrup if the temps are getting warm enough every day for flight.

Remember to finish up putting together all the new woodenware (or fixing the older stuff) and painting it to protect it from the elements if that’s your plan.

Also, For the gardeners, this might be a good time to start new plants indoors and clean the garden patch.

Remember, April is the start of “boom time”.

Allen Engle

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