Free Unmated Queens

  • 06 Jun 2024 8:47 AM
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    Hello all, 

    While investigating a colony that swarmed while I was away on a work trip (I was able to capture the swarm upon my return). I found additional queen cells and now have 5 new queens that I am happy to share with whomever.  I have them in ventilated jars with nurse bees but want to get them into colonies that need them today if possible. 

    These are brand new queens that have not yet mated.  

    Text me at 541-280-0203

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  • 06 Jun 2024 3:10 PM
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    Andy Margeson


    I also left you a voicemail.  I would like to get one or two of the unmated queens if possible.  My number is 541-450-5906 and my email address is

    Thank you,

    Andy Margeson


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