Big sagebrush bloom time?

  • 21 Sep 2023 3:09 PM
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    Allen Engle (Administrator)

    Congratulations Warren on your successful summer.  It's hard to get a lot of forage outside of town in the native areas, unless there is a flowering farm, or big garden nearby.

    I live on the west edge of Bend, with lots of native stuff and some domestic flowers.  Looking at our local sagebrush, it is looking like it's pretty well finished.  I agree it's nice to be able to get some varietal honey, especially sage brush, but my MO is generally to pull supers starting mid August with the understanding that they'll have both real nectar, as well as syrup to back fill until the end of September.  What I worry about now, is that as the nights get colder, they both won't have native forage but also won't even be able to take in my syrup and I'll end up with a less well provisioned hives going into winter.

    One person's opinion!

    BTW, I've not before made the observation of two different types of sagebrush with different flowering times.  Now I'll need to do some research and observations.  THANK YOU.

    Allen Engle


  • 21 Sep 2023 8:09 AM
    Message # 13257476

    Good morning all,

    New bee keeper here with a question  about when to pull the honey super.   We got a nuc from Emily at Royal Bee this spring and they filled two 8 frame deeps in a couple  months even though  we are 30 miles east of Bend in the Junipers and sagebrush.   I didn't  realize how many wild flowers we had out here.

    I did put a honey super on late to give them room but they only filled a couple  frames.  I was thinking  of pulling  it off and start feeding  again so they backfill before  winter but I don't want to miss the sagebrush bloom. 

    My question  is did the bloom already happen or is it coming up?  I know the girls were collecting  like crazy last month from the "low sagebrush" but not the Big sagebrush. 

    Thanks for any information. 


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