2020 COBKA Haiku Contest Winners



S. K. Montgomery           

Huddled close, happy

Warm for winter, together

Work all done, Bees sleep


Connie Axelrod  


Pulsing quick dances

alerting the colony

they know what she means


Georgene Siemsen           

no wind or weather    

caring anticipation

joy! eggs and honey!

Honorable Mention          

Naomi Price                    

 “Voiceless Flowers”

among greenery

quiet blossom safari

olfactory binds

Honorable Mention          

Sara Miller                        

Rain or snow, alive inside

Waiting for sunshine

Clustered up together tight

Honorable Mention      

Connie Axelrod               

She lands on flowers

Proboscis finds sweet nectar

Full she then flies home


1st  (tie)                              

Taylor Jo Kelly (UK)

her baskets laden

from a day spent foraging –

little honeybee

1st  (tie)                           

Julie Kelsey (Maryland)  

meeting my friend’s hive

the curious buzz and dip...

honey bee hello                          

1st  (tie)                                

Srinidhi Senthil                

The sting of the bee,

Sharp as the taste of honey

Dripping down my lips.

1st  (tie)                          

Caroline Moal (France)    

Gathering nectar

Humming bees do not know that

I have a sweet tooth

Honorable Mention          

Meik Blottenberger (Pensylvania)

summer’s arrival

the weight of a honeybee

bending the flower

Honorable Mention          

Meik Blottenberger (Pensylvania)

days into autumn

my uncle the beekeeper

showing me the queen

Honorable mention          

David McMurray (Japan)

buzzing in the mist

near a pond without a name

first spring honeybee


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