2022 Bee Removal List (moderate difficulty)

Cutout/Trapout removals from structures.

PLEASE NOTE: Contacts listed on our swarm call lists are not vetted. COBKA makes no statement of competence or experience of those listed.

To add yourself to the COBKA swarm list(s):

*You can edit your selections at any time 

1. Log into your account and click on "View Profile" at the top right of the page.

2. Click "Edit Profile"

3. Towards the bottom you will see a selection of groups to choose from. **Make your selections and make sure to click "Save" at the top.

*Remember that Bee Removal is very different from swarm capture and may require structural work (builder/contractor). Please do not sign up for more than the "Simple Swarm" lists if you are unable to assist with cutout/trapout or structural colony removals.

**If you need to arrange for an experienced beekeeper to assist you please do so before signing up for swarm calls. 

If your information does not show on the list - please repeat step one and check your privacy settings. Make sure your Name and Phone are "PUBLIC" Contact us if you have any issues.


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