COARC Saturday in the Apiary

  • 27 May 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Mary Wallace’s Apiary 6291 SW 46th St. Redmond

COARC Saturday in the Apiary

May is an exciting and critical time for both bees and their keepers who want to keep them. How can we determine if a colony is getting ready to swarm? How to prevent it? What to do if they already have? Are the smaller hives ready for a second brood chamber? What is the mite load?

Mary’s Apiary has overwintered hives as well as colonies started from nucleus hives. Chances are that there are various management practices that need to be performed, including switching out new hive boxes. Come and see the creative designs!

OSU Master Beekeeper Apprentices: Earn an education point!

OSU Master Beekeeper Journeyman: Like to lead a group through one of the hives? Please, let Heike know ahead of time and you can earn service points!

Bring your hat/veil/gloves and water bottle. RSVP Heike Williams at for details and notification of possible changes. Short notice okay (text her at 541-740-7877). This event is weather dependent. Looking forward to seeing you there!


“Saturday in the Apiary” is an opportunity to gather at the OSU’s apiary at the Central Oregon Ag Research Center in Madras, or, like this time, at a private apiary. We perform hive inspections, discuss colony management strategies for the month, and implement them. It is a great opportunity for hands-on experience, plus to get to know other beekeepers in the OMB program and in the region. Everyone who is comfortable being around live honey bees is welcome. You do not need to be a participant in the OMB Program to attend. You would need to bring your own gear. This is a free event.


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