Eligibility: To post in the COBKA Discussion Forums, you must be 18 years or older, or under the supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Avoid sharing personal information, contact details, or sensitive data in the forums.

Forum Courtesy: Please treat COBKA volunteers, fellow community members, and guests in these forums with courtesy and respect. Regardless of status a community member has, everyone should be treated respectfully.

Language and Content: Foul language and obscene images will not be tolerated. The site is family-friendly, and all forum posts must conform to a family-friendly standard. Contributors must act accordingly. Avoid replacing characters in profane words to elude the built-in censoring filter or forum moderation. 

Personal Conduct: Personal attacks and inflammatory or antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated. If you want to post criticism, please do so constructively. Generalized, vicious, or veiled attacks on a person or idea are unacceptable. While disagreements are natural, we want to emphasize the importance of maintaining a civil tone. Constructive online discussions, even when opinions differ, will help maintain an effective beekeeping community.

Staying On Topic: Responses to a particular thread should stay on-topic and pertain to the discussion. Use the “New Topic” button to start a new discussion if it would otherwise be off topic in the current thread. Threads that veer off-topic may be redirected, closed, or moderated by a moderator. Deliberate disruption or derailing of topics is inappropriate.

Avoid Spam: Posting the same message or an unsolicited commercial message is considered spamming and may result in a restriction on future forum posting privileges. Duplicate messages may be deleted or consolidated by moderators. Post new topics to the appropriate forum board.

Commercial and Larger Agenda Posts: COBKA aims to maintain forums for promoting beekeeping among its members. Discussions that promote commercial, social, political, or charitable agendas, unrelated to beekeeping, will not be permitted. Moderators have some discretion for local events and issues. Limited commercial content may be allowed at COBKA’s sole discretion.

Personal Classified Advertising: Personal classified advertising is permitted only in the Garage Sale forum. COBKA is not involved in related transactions and assumes no liability for issues arising from such transactions or discussions.

Message Availability: Any messages you post in these discussion forums may remain available to the public for as long as this discussion forum is online. Please post carefully and consider the content of your post. Posts may be removed or edited by moderators or COBKA administrators. If you dislike changes made to your post, we can assist in deleting it at your request.

Important Notice Regarding Transactions: The Central Oregon Beekeeping Association (COBKA) would like to emphasize that it is not directly involved in any transactions or related discussions. As such, we assume no liability for any issues that may arise from such transactions or related discussions. This applies specifically to the Garage Sale and coordination forum pages. Please exercise caution and due diligence when participating in any transactions within our community.

Violations: The COBKA process for warnings may include initial warning, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans that may include revocation of membership. All violations will be reviewed by the COBKA board before any permanent actions are taken.

Reporting Violations: To report offensive content, spam, or inappropriate behavior, please contact us via one of the following methods: , (Clyde Dildine), Phone: 541-420-0423 (Allen Engle)

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