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Division 55

Bees and Oregon Standards of Bee Colony Strength for Colonies used in Commercial Pollination of Crops


Apiary Registration Fees
The following annual apiary registration fees are established by authority provided
in ORS 602.090: Every person who owns or is in charge of five or more colonies of
bees located within this state must register the colonies with the Department of
Agriculture. Each registration shall be accompanied by a fee, which shall cover each
colony of bees owned by the registrant.

1. For registrations made before June 1 of each year, the annual registration fee
shall be $10 per registration and $0.50 per colony.
2. The number of colonies that must be registered shall be based on the high
number of full strength colonies managed within the state of Oregon at any time
during the previous year.
3. For registrations made after July 1 of each year, the annual registration fee shall
be $20 per registration and $0.50 per colony.
All moneys collected pursuant to ORS 602.090 shall be spent on pollinator research
that is predominately focused on honeybees.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 561.190 & ORS 602.090
Stats. Implemented: ORS 602.090
Hist.: AD 7-1992, f. & cert. ef 6-3-92: AD 2-1994, f. & cert. ef. 2-8-94


As used in this rule, unless the context or a specially applicable definition requires
(1) As defined in ORS 602.010, "Colony"
or "colonies of bees" refers to any hive occupied by bees and "hive" means
any receptacle or container made or prepared for use of bees, or box or
similar container taken possession of by bees, except for nucleus hives.

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