COBKA Free Community Beekeeping Seminar - Tree Hive Bees - with Lynn A. Royce, Ph.D.

  • 07 Oct 2015
  • 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Environmental Center
  • 42


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COBKA Community Honeybee Seminar:


Love pollinators? Want to learn how to help? 

Don’t miss this educational opportunity!

Lynn Royce, PhD will be discussing Organic Beekeeping & research on reproducing the natural honeybee ecosystem by modifying traditional beekeeping equipment & techniques to mimic conditions of honeybees in nature.


The honey bees' natural homes are tree hollows & caves.  Bees share these cavities with non-bee organisms that may have beneficial relationships with the bees.  The Tree Hive is a special honey bee hive that is mounted in a tree on a metal stand, 8-10 feet above the ground and includes a “bio chamber” with decaying wood chips for organisms that would live in hollow with the honey bees.  The combination of hive placement, box design, and bio chamber provides a system that is good for the bees and can be enjoyed by the non beekeeping public.


Lynn A. Royce, Ph.Ddid her doctoral research on tracheal mites of honey bees and has studied pollinators for over 30 years. Notable achievements include developing a successful patented mating chamber while at Oregon State University and creating a honey bee breeding program that selects for genetic mite resistance. Dr. Royce is a passionate scientist who cares deeply about implementing research in practical applications to improve honey bee health.

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